'Moira Had A Little Lamb' by Yvonne Sparkes

Moira had a little lamb
Young Harry was his name.
Hiding from those government men,
Was how Harry found his fame.
A barricaded home had he,
To save him from his fate,
While Moira would his case then plead,
And try to hope and wait.
She sought the very top for help,
And much to her surprise,
A Princely letter of support,
Appeared before her eyes.
Those times were hard, and people lost,
Their flocks and stock were gone,
Yet, battling Moira now refreshed,
With hope, just carried on.
The press and media too were there,
Those photos did them proud,
As little Harry blinked and sighed,
And bleated rather loud.
Now when this awful day had past,
And everything was safe.
A gift of these two Ryeland sheep,
To The Prince our Moira gave.
So now they are established ,
With the hope they will remain,
Moira`s loss is nothing,
To The Prince and Highgrove`s gain.
A rich and ancient heritage,
With a breed of noble birth
Deserving this the finest stage,
A place on royal earth.
They are on view, and proud to be,
For all who come and tarry,
To admire and pet those lovely sheep,
Amanda Jane and our young Harry.
So much was given out of love,
For the animals she would fight,
And now to see those lovely sheep,
We just know that Moira`s right.

Dedicated to my friend Moira Linaker, and her Ryeland sheep. A one woman`s fight during the foot and mouth outbreak ,that scourged this country, and lost countless numbers of stock in 2001.
Her courage and determination, saved little Harry and Amanda Jane from extermination ,and now they are fine adult sheep and placed on HRH Prince Charles estate at Highgrove, Glos. on public view.

The original.

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